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Professor CHENG Ming-ming

A famous local entrepreneur, Professor CHENG Ming-ming B.B.S, is the Chairwoman of CMM International Group and the founder of Shanghai Cheng Ming Ming Cosmetic Products Limited.In addition to being a member of the National Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Prof. Cheng also served as a member of Beijing Political Consultative Committee.After the formation of CMM International Group in1966, she established International CICA Association of Esthetics in 1980. She has been working as a Chairperson to further promote the beauty industry.Later, she has contributed to helpAsian beauticiansin attaining international standards and professional status through the introduction of Chinese examination on beauty diplomas awarded by CIDESCO.Prof. Cheng spared no effort on the development of beauty industry, and invented a number of beauty technologies, which laid the foundation for the success of CMM International Group.

Pioneer of beauty education in Mainland China

With China’s reform and opening up, Prof. Cheng took the lead in going into the Chinese beauty market. In 1986, the first branch of a school, Beijing CMM Monita Beauty & Hair Academy School , was organized. So far, nearly 10 schools have been established.In 2003, she became the first oversea person in China to obtain legal person status of a foreign-funded enterprise. Nowadays, we successfully build up the largest beauty and hair educational group in China.

The outstanding skincare brand

While expending the beauty education business, Prof. Cheng created her own makeup and skincare brand, known as Shanghai Cheng Ming Ming Cosmetic Products Limited.She invested more than 10 million US dollars in Shanghai to set up the production headquarter, developed and produced CMM makeup and skincare products which quickly became popular in China. The company has achieved the No.1 position of Shanghai sale for a term of one year and has been selected as one of the top ten brands in China.

Expanding beauty salons

Prof. Cheng is not only keen on product and technologyinnovations, but also interested in the development of the beauty industry.Leveraging on our brand recognition and years of experience in beauty education,she developed a franchise chain, CMM Beauty & Spa. Being a franchiser, we are responsible for giving the strong support to franchisee and make profit for investors, as well as providing consumers with one-stop beauty experience.Today, there are nearly 10 beauty and hair colleges have been established in major cities across the country. Over 1,000 CMM product sales networks in more than 50 provinces and cities nationwide and around 1000 CMM franchised beauty salons are very well-known among Chinese citizens.