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Diploma of International Professional Bridal, Fashion & Media Make up
(Air Brush Technique)

Duration : 135 hours

Time: Afternoon   2:30pm – 5:30pm    (Monday to Friday)

Tuition & Accessories: $26,800


Examination Requirements:
  • Part I    (Make Up Case Study and portfolio)
  • Part II
    • (Pass one Day Make Up within 20 mins)
    • (Pass Chinese/ Western Bridal Makeup & hair within 1 hour 30 mins)
    • (Pass Theory Text (M.C.))


International Make Up Artist Diploma:

Student must finish this course and the above-mentioned Part I and Part IIassignment before sitting in ITEC Professional Makeup Certificate Examination


Course Content

A) Make up knowledge and Skin Analysis

  • SkinClassification and Skin Analysis
  • Skin care treatment before makeup
  • Make Up Products and selection
  • Make up Theory and Knowledge
  • Improvement skin condition method
  • Skin Blemish and Disorder


B) Cosmetic Science

  • Product Ingredients
  • Knowledge and Application of Makeup Tools
  • Makeup Removal & Skin Care Products
  • Technique of Mixing & Creating Makeup
  • Types of Foundation and its Application
  • Types of Eye Shadow and its Application
  • Types of Lipstick and its Application
  • Types of Concealer and its Application
  • Products


C) Matching Colors with Lighting

  • Three primary colors
  • Secondary Color
  • Value and Intensity
  • Technique of Color Mixing
  • Complementary Color & Color Interaction
  • Matching Colors with Lighting
  • Effects of Lighting on Makeup


D) Corrective Makeup Technique

  • Knowledge of Face Shapes& Correction
  • Knowledge of Eye Shape & Correction
  • Knowledge of Lip Shape & Correction
  • Mix & Match Lip Sticks
  • Eyebrow Shaping &Tips
  • Shading & Highlighting (Contouring)
  • Increasing of Eyelashes
  • Blusher Application
  • Matching of Eye Shadow Mix & Match eye shadows
  • Select False Eyelashes


E) Bridal Make Up

  • Skin Care
  • Bridal Image and Hair Styling
  • Basic Bridal Make Up
  • Natural Glow
  • Chinese Bridal Style Make Up :
    Contour modify by using Highlighter and shading
    Demonstration of Chinese evening make up and practical
  • Western Bridal Style Day & Night Make Up :
    Demonstration of Western evening make up and practical
  • Three-dimensional shape make up


F) Creative Media Make Up (Fashion Make up)

  • Tips for men make up
  • Glitter and glitter eyeliner application
  • Demonstration ofGroom Make Upand practical
  • Elders Make Up
  • Blink Blink Party Look
  • Tan look
  • Demonstration of Smoky Eyes + Advanced Smoky Eyes make up and practical
  • Demonstration ofBlack & White Photographic Make Upand practical
  • Demonstration ofCats Eyes Make Upand practical
  • Demonstration of Japanesestyle make up and practical
  • Demonstration of Korean style make up and practical
  • Demonstration ofColorful Media Makeupand practical


G) Halloween Special Effect Make Up

  • Wounds
  • Bruises
  • Demonstration of Super Horror Ghost or Zombie Make Up and practical
  • Scars


H) Introduction to the Make Up Industry

  • Different types of Make Up Artists
  • Introduction of the Industry
  • Brand Development
  • Portfolio


I) Hygiene & Sterilization and Professional Conduct

  • Guidelines for Accommodating Customers
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Hygiene & Sterilization of Tools
  • Application of Makeup Hygiene Standard
  • Professional code of conduct for Makeup Artist


J) Hair Styling

  • Evening Hair Styling
  • Bridesmaid’s Hair Styling
  • Bridal Hair Styling
  • Fashion show Hair styling
  • Wigs Application Skills
  • Styling Tools


K) Air Brush Technique

  • Air Brush application techniques and theory
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Natural Make Up
  • Fashion Make Up
  • Creative Make Up



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