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Certificate in Bridal and Fashion Make Up (Air Brush Technique)
(QF Level 3) (English Course)


CEF Course Code: 74C139030

QF Ref Code: 74C083906A

QR Registration: 14/003075/L3


Validity Period: 4/7/2014-3/7/2025


This course is qualified for CEF reimbursement

(Note: This is a SCS-Based-Beauty Course)


Admission requirements    :

  • Age 16 or above, And
  • Completion of Form3, or Equivalent qualifications, And
  • Able to communicate in English, And
  • Pass interview and entrance exam



Hours of training :210  (Tuition hours:135     Self-study hours:75)


No. of credits : 21


Course fee : HK$26,800


Morning class : 10:00am-1:00pm (Monday to Friday)

Morning class :    2:30pm-5:30pm (Monday to Friday)

Night class        :     7:00pm-10:00pm





A – Basic makeup and skin knowledge

  • Ethics for professional makeup artists, hygiene standards for applying makeup, safety guidelines for dressing rooms, production of makeup projects, tips for makeup artists, makeup market trends and directions, building a professional image and market competitiveness, designing personal makeup works Collection, customer management and customer service psychology, teaching makeup artist job search and interview techniques, cosmetic sales skills, job introduction and prospects, market analysis and price setting


  • Recognize different skin types and analysis, basic concepts of skin structure, fill out customer record forms, sensitivity test forms and floor plans, skin diseases and abnormalities, allergic reactions, minor blemishes and diseases and disorders


  • Efficacy and application methods of different types of foundations, types and applications of foundations, understanding of application and techniques of foundations with different textures, technology and creation of cosmetic blending, makeup removal and skin care products, targeted primer care before makeup, and methods to quickly improve skin condition , Know the ingredients of cosmetics, make-up removal procedures, apply skin care products, and apply foundation skills


  • Eyebrow Design: Identification of different eyebrow shapes, professional eyebrow trimming methods, matching of face shape and eyebrow shape and eyebrow color, professional eyebrow shape modification and painting, eyebrow study tools: how to use eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, eyebrow wax, glue, etc. , Know the eyebrow pencil method


  • Concealer types and application, star-rated concealer for severe dark circles and under-eye bags, pore-invisible makeup, concealer techniques, lipstick types and applications, understanding lip shape and its modification techniques, different lipstick colors and matching, lip line painting , makeup tips for lipstick and lip gloss


  •  Color theory: three primary colors, cool and warm colors, color mixing skills, basic makeup theory and understanding, types and selection of cosmetics on the market, understanding and application of makeup tools, hygiene and disinfection of tools, understanding and cleaning and cleaning of professional makeup brushes Maintenance, daytime transparent makeup styling



B – Master (Evening) Film and video make-up

  • Recognize facial contours and improve make-up techniques, 3D three-dimensional shadow and light and shadow application skills, contour modification techniques, rouge powder color matching with skin tone, various rouge sweep methods suitable for different face shapes


  • Eye shadow types and applications, understanding eye shape and three-dimensional eye makeup, eye shadow color and matching, eye shape identification, eye makeup precautions for different eye shapes, selection and use of eye shadow brushes suitable for eye shapes, eye shadow color and texture selection and matching Liner, eye shadow and eyeliner product texture selection and distinction, eye shadow color and matching and eye makeup, trendy evening makeup


  • Treatment of single eyelid and inner double eyelid, application of double eyelid tape (3M tape/double-sided tape/Japanese tape usage/net sticker), selection of false eyelashes suitable for puffy single eyelid eye shape, eye makeup blemish repair method, Treatment of swollen eyes, brow bone light and shadow scanning, one-color and two-color three-dimensional eye makeup, inner/outer eyeliner drawing


  • Eyelash curler and mascara application, eyelash modification, false eyelash selection, different styles and effects and wearing, glue selection, lower eyeliner false eyelash wear, two-layer false eyelash application



C – Catwalk fashion, make-up trends

  • Introduction to the characteristics of Korean and Japanese trend makeup, three-dimensional makeup effect, Korean eye makeup, Korean layered lip makeup techniques, Japanese innocent drooping eye makeup, small face slimming rouge sweeping method, Japanese nude lip makeup techniques


  • Smoky Eyes, Layered Smoky Eye Makeup, Advanced Smoky Eye Makeup, Makeup Tips for Black & Red Lips, Trendy Makeup Features, Use of Face Oil, Fashion Makeup Tips


  • Catwalk Show makeup points and process details, makeup artist’s attire, personal image and accessories use, magazine model styling skills, amphibole false eyelashes hand-made design (D.I.Y.), glitter , feathers and other matching, design a personal makeup CD (CD), clothing and props selection, how to design according to the theme, Cats Eyes cat eye makeup, Tan Look bronze makeup skills



D – Basic Bridal Makeup

  • Instructions on the wedding process, tips for trying makeup and bridal communication skills, bridal makeup telephone reservation and price negotiation skills, makeup precautions for themed weddings and special occasions, the difference between bridal makeup and general makeup, and techniques for changing makeup


  • Make-up color tone on tone matching, old-fashioned bridal makeup, and the difference between trendy bridal makeup, layered eye makeup, eye shadow cream application skills with different textures, Cream blush rouge cream, Western fashion bridal day makeup, gorgeous wedding evening makeup Styling and Matching


  • Trendy bridal dress hanging day makeup, Chinese cheongsam bridal evening makeup styling and matching, long-lasting veneer makeup skills, creating 3D three-dimensional contours, quick makeup skills


  • Matching of face shape and hairstyle, understanding hair brushing tools and application, key points of hair design, partitioning and hair design and structure, basic hair cutting and clipping techniques, French curls, ligating techniques for different hair types and lengths, tying ponytails And use rubber and rope to make styling, correct use of different wigs and styling, evening makeup, banquet side hair


  • Uses of chestnut clips, fashionable hair styling in magazines and advertisements, application and styling of electric heating rods, bridal Western-style curly hair, tips for straightening hair, the magical effect of bridal accessories embellishment, Chinese bridal braid hairstyle design


E – Chinese and Western dress and banquet makeup for relative parties

  • Understand the difference between Chinese and Western dress makeup and evening makeup, the types and uses of cosmetics required for Chinese and Western dress and banquet makeup, elder makeup, grandma and mom makeup skills
  • Makeup tips for men, grooming men’s makeup, men’s short hair styling tips, use of light and shadow cream and bronzer light and shadow powder
  • Quick makeup application and hairstyles for the bridesmaids and sisters



F – Airbrush makeup

  • Guide for safe use of professional high-definition AIRBRUSH, precautions for cleaning spray guns, high-definition airbrush technology and theory, discrimination of water-soluble/oil-soluble spray pigments, airbrush point/line/gradient skills, airbrush foundation close/distance skills, Airbrush technology for flawless foundation, airbrush for natural / bridal looks
  • Movie makeup essentials and process details, body waterproof makeup, back concealer demonstration, comparison of high-definition makeup and ordinary makeup, 3D makeup, indoor and outdoor makeup with airbrush, TV and movie makeup, creative/stage makeup



G – Make-up for photography (black & white and color)

  • Photography makeup points, lighting and makeup color matching, makeup and color selection and matching, makeup color placement and makeup techniques, black and white photography makeup techniques (magazine cover and black and white photos)



Upon completion of the course, students can obtain the following internationally recognized professional qualifications (subject to payment of examination fees)::

ITEC Certificate in Make Up

ITEC Certificate in Airbrush Make-Up

ITEC Award in Bridal Hairstyling

CIBTAC  Level 3 Diploma in Photographic and Fashion Make Up



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