616 50th anniversary ceremony

CMM Monita International Group 50th anniversary ceremony is coming!

Meet all of you up on 2016.06.16 in HKCEC !


Okinawa Wedding Planning Study Tour

2015 Okinawa Wedding Planning Study Tour is now available for application.


2015 latest endorser Liu Xiaoqing’s recommendation: CMM latest whiten-up series

2015 CMM International Group's latest endorser Liu Xiaoqing always keep her young and energetic appearance. Her clean, transparent, bright and white skins are inseparable with her use of CMM skin care products. She sincerely recommends CMM latest products: brightening and whiten-up series.

This new series is invented by CMM International Skin Care Research Centre collaborated with well-known laboratories from Swiss and French. Being taken three years to invent, this series adopts natural ingredients and scientific technology. It interdicts hyperpigmentation, activates skin repairing system, moisturizes the skins in deep level, improves uneven skin tone and whitens skins thoughtfully.

First Cleansing, Second Brightening, Third Trans Parenting, Forth Whitening! Four step to light-up your skins.


Famous star Liu Xiaoqing becomes CMM cosmetics brand’s 2015 endorser

Professor Cheng Ming Ming and famous star Liu Xiaoqing are acquaintance for over 30 years. Regarding Professor Cheng as the master and director on beauty maintenance, Liu would like to share her fantastic experience of using CMM cosmetics products to all of the women who desire beauty.

Therefore, this year, she would become the latest endorsement for CMM cosmetics products. Not only is the in-depth relationship of two girlfriends, the heartfelt love towards CMM brand of Liu Xiaoqing, is believed to be the undoubted reason for this foreseeably successful collaboration.






Why need to hire wedding planning service?

If you want a stress-free yet prefect wedding, perhaps you can consider hiring wedding planner service.


To prepare your wedding, there are a thousand things – big and small, it is actually very stressful for some of the bride and groom to be. Imagine someone can help you from your wedding budget to smallest thing such as ordering your bridal bouquet.


Professional wedding planner will help you to have a stress-free wedding!

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