Professor Cheng Ming Ming taught Mainland students with table manners and beauty knowledge

Recently, CMM Monita Academy hosted a group of students from Mainland in Hong Kong to learn the beauty skills and knowledge of local beauty culture. With the appreciation towards the school, the students were taught personally by Professor Cheng Ming Ming with table manners and beauty knowledge, which were popular among the students. Professor Cheng is also glad to provide more opportunities to increase cultural exchange between HK and Mainland, looking forward to organizing more related activities.


Professor Cheng Ming Ming cooperates with her nominal daughter Adia Chan Launching new project S.BRA

Professor Cheng Mingming has been committed to the development of beauty industry, and actively explored new technologies. Recently, she successfully invited her nominal daughter Adia Chan to join CMM Monita Group as Project Director of S.BRA, developing a body beauty and regimen project. In the project, they will operate a bra with the function of regimen and body beauty, hoping to provide a functional and beautiful underwear for women, who can enjoy cup-upgrading at the same time. Now, the project has been carried out in full swing, and they are engaging in frequent discussions to gain a perfect result. Please look forward to the outcome.


Professor Cheng Ming Ming shared the secrets of beauty in Shenzhen

Professor Cheng Ming Ming was invited to participate in Shenzhen beauty TV program, sharing her own beauty secrets and promoting CMM cosmetics brand with film star as well as friend Yung Hung, Taiwan and Mainland famous hosts.


Professor Cheng Ming Ming B.B.S received award from Asia-Pacific Economic Leaders United Association!

Professor Cheng Ming Ming B.B.S recently attended Asia-Pacific Economic Leaders Summit 2015(Singapore) and has won the prize of 2015 Asia-Pacific Economic Leaders’ Award for Social Responsibility.






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