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PBC004 个人护肤证书课程

Self Skin Care Certificate Course


总课时(Duration) 课程6小时(hrs.)

学费(Course Fee) HK$1000

上课时间(Time) 10:00am – 1:00pm 或(or) 2:30pm – 5:30pm



A) 正确洁面方法(Cleansing method)

  • 洁面所需用品(Cleansing products)
  • 正确的洁面步骤(Cleansing procedure)


B) 自我皮肤分析(Skin diagnosis by own)


C) 护理品的认识、选择与运用(Acknowledge, Selection & Usage of Skin Care Products)

  • 不同护肤品的特点、功效和使用方法(The function & usage of different kind of skin care products)
  • 如何正确选择适合自己的护肤品(How to select the skin care products for own use)
  • 如何利用护肤品自行护理保养(How to use the skin care product for own use)


D) 个人面部按摩技术(Facial massage by own)

  • 面部按摩的步骤、手势及力度(Procedure & movement of facial massage)
  • 自行按摩手法(The method of self facial massage)


E) 如何护理及治疗问题皮肤(How to treat the problem skin)

  • 问题皮肤的分类及征状(Classification of the problem skin)
  • 问题皮肤家庭护理要点(Home care for the problem skin)




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